Questions for Families

How Can We Help You?

Often it is difficult to assess end-of-life care situations, especially if you have not previously dealt with such instances. We at Graceful Palms Hospice address such situations regularly and have found that answering the following questions may provide the direction and support needed during this difficult time. Here are a few questions to help you determine if Graceful Palms can provide the necessary support for you and your family.

Have you or your loved one:

  1. Been informed by a physician that you are facing a life limiting illness?
  2. Found that you are going through a roller coaster of hospital visits or doctor’s appointments without resolution of the symptoms?
  3. Been told by your doctor that curative treatments are no longer effective?
  4. Determined that focusing on quality of life and comfort care is now your priority?
  5. Experienced symptoms like uncontrolled pain, shortness of breath, uncontrolled nausea, extreme fatigue or non-healing wounds?
  6. Noticed that you are spending more time in bed or requiring assistance to walk?
  7. Found that more assistance is needed with activities such as bathing, dressing, eating and walking?
  8. Required comfort and relief from uncontrolled symptoms related to a chronic illness?
  9. Expressed a preference for spending your remaining time among your loved ones in the comfort of your home?
  10. Determined that you prefer for nursing care to be provided in the privacy of your residence surrounded by those close to you?
  11. Determined that you prefer for medical equipment such as a hospital bed, oxygen, or safety chairs, to be provided at your residence to enhance the comfort of your care.
  12. Sought counseling for the stresses and challenges of grief and loss?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, Graceful Palms Hospice is here to assist you. Contact us by e-mail anytime, or by phone at 844-538-1435.