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Who Qualifies for Hospice?

Hospice can help people with different life-limiting conditions when symptoms no longer respond to curative treatment. Any patient with limited life expectancy whose focus is now on physical, emotional and spiritual comfort can apply for hospice care. When appropriate, patient’s primary physician will authorize start of hospice care. People with the following illnesses can qualify for hospice care:

. Alzheimer’s disease or other Dementias
. Cancer
. Coma
. Congestive Heart Disease
. End-Stage Liver
. Kidney Failure
. Lung Disease
. Multi.system Breakdown
. Multiple sclerosis
. Parkinson’s disease
. Stroke
. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). also known as Lou Gehring disease

When appropriate, the patient’s primary physician authorizes start of Hospice care. Use of the Medicare Hospice Benefits requires a phisician´s certification of a life-limiting illness.

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